FS - MS Chip Breaker

As the industries continue to advance, the demand for unmanned automatic lathe and machining hard-to-cut materials for small precise components of automobile, medical appliance and general machinery have been increasing. Especially, pure titanium (5832-2) and titanium alloy (5832-3) used for high precision parts such as implants are known to have poor machinability due to high cutting heat and welding which requires high precision and good surface finish. Also, machining components of automobile and general machinery require stable tool life and chip control even in high speed and high feed cutting conditions.

KORLOY ̓s newly launched chip breakers, ultra-precision MS and FS for Auto Tools realizes high machinability in ultra-precision components such as implants, automobiles and general machinery made of hard-to-cut materials machining. 

The FS chip breaker has a variable elevated triangular pyramid shape which provides excellent chip control and stable tool life in various cutting range with alloy steel and stainless steel. The MS chip breaker has a special 3D structured design to enhance chip evacuation per variety of cutting path and implemented high precise grinding process to develop a detailed nose R shape with sharp edge. With these, it could minimize cutting heat and built up edge occurrence while machining titanium. It also prevents micro chipping by adapting ultra-fine substrate which equalized refined structure. Special surface treatment added PVD also ensures excellent surface roughness and enhanced tool life with high hardness and treat anti-oxidation.


  • Highly precise grinding technology realizes sharp cutting edge and reduced cutting heat increases tool life and surface finish.
  • Chip breaker designed for good chip flow ensures chip control even in cutting conditions with poor chip evacuation.
  • High precision FS and MS chip breakers actualize high precision machining minimizing dimension deviations.

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